Future crane operators trained in AMCS technologies’ anti-collision systems at AFPA training center in France


Four anti-collision and zoning systems DCS 61-S are installed on the various cranes of the AFPA training center at Egletons in Corrèze, France. Intended for the training of future crane operators, they will allow learning in real work situations.

The latest anti-collision system developped by AMCS technologies, is compatible with new generations of cranes, benefits from more features and complies with future standards. The four DCS 61-S equips a Liebherr 71 EC-B, a Potain GMA IGO 50, a GMA HD 25 and a Potain GME MC 85 crane in travelling.

The main objective, in France and abroad, is to restore confidence in many construction sites to use anti-collision systems. The work has already paid off, since they were able to verify that they represented a real asset.

Thus the presence of AMCS technologies products in the AFPA training center is part of the overall strategy of the company.

The future crane operators are trained in real working conditions in order to understand all the functions of the product most used on construction sites in the world. Today, the company also equips private training centers around the world (such as the IFSB in Luxembourg and the Morrow company in Salem in the United States).

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