Wolffkran replaces the Wolff 224 B luffing jib crane with new 235 B model


The Wolffkran Wolff 235 B luffing jib crane replaces the popular Wolff 224 B model and ranks between the hydraulic Wolff 166 B and the next larger Wolff 275 B in the lower load moment range, thus fulfilling the demands of construction sites with a high volume of concreting work on high-rise buildings.

“The Wolff 235 B was developed in close collaboration with Wolffkran customers from the UK, who have decades of experience in handling luffing cranes on inner-city construction sites. The result is a Wolff with a proven duty chart that is unrivalled when it comes to assembly and versatility,” says Wouter van Loon, product manager at Wolffkran.

The hoisting gear of the Wolff 235 B is positioned on the jib rather than the counter jib as is typical. This
makes it possible to reeve the hoisting rope on the ground and thus completely pre-assemble the entire jib.
The luffing gear can be mounted either on the counter jib or on the tower top during the assembly process, which offers more flexibility with regard to the size of the mobile crane. The second option has the advantage that the entire tower top including the hoisting gear with pre-reeved pulley block can be transported and lifted onto the crane as a single unit.

Further, overall low component weights ensure that a Wolff 235 B can assemble another of its kind at a jib radius of 40 meters – a very popular process on multi-crane city sites where space is often an issue and also saving on time and money for a mobile crane.

The Wolff 235 B offers a maximum load capacity of 8 tonnes in single-fall and 16 tonnes in 2-fall operation and jib lengths from 30 to 60 meters. Designed to deliver its best performance with a 50 meter jib, it outperforms its competition with a tip load capacity of 4.1 tonnes. Its efficient 60 kW hoisting winch allows for working speeds of up to 130 m/min and a rope storage capacity of 620 meters. That all makes it the ideal crane for high-rise construction with reinforced concrete. It comes with a connection to the 2-meter tower UV/TV 20 and can reach a maximum freestanding height of 82 meters using standard components from the modular Wolff tower system.

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