Cummins secures first project win for its new gas-powered C25G generator


Cummins has secured its first project win for its new gas-powered C25G generator series and is set to provide an office block in Shandong Province, China, with significant environmental benefits. 

The project team designing the 26,730 sq. meter, 18 floor commercial building, currently under construction, was looking to invest into a more efficient energy distribution system that would cover all power and heat requirements of its premises. Cummins’ C25G generator, fueled by pipeline natural gas, was selected to offer a combined cooling, heat and power solution (CCHP). Once operational, the C25G generator will allow the building to significantly reduce energy costs, and consequent emissions, through thermal recover and overall electrical, cooling and heating efficiency.

This fully integrated solution from Cummins offers 500kW of continuous power, as well as the provision of balance of plant (BOP) items such as the radiator, sound-proof enclosure, switchgear and digital master controller.

Coupled with the above capabilities, Cummins Power Generation was selected to support the project due to the C25G generator’s high electrical efficiency of up to 41.6% (50Hz), low maintenance costs and better lead times. In addition to its generator capabilities, the advanced control systems fitted to the C25G series provide users with access to advanced monitoring, diagnostics and predictive analytics maximizing the generators’ uptime and reducing maintenance labor costs.

Haoming Liu, Senior Gas Business Manager, Cummins Power Generation, said, “We are delighted to announce that we have secured our first project win for our C25G genset. This machine is the latest genset in our gas-powered portfolio and we look forward to seeing it providing our customer in China with a reliable power solution that not only reduces energy usage and costs, but also emissions.”

The C25G gas generator series, which has a power density of 500kW (50Hz) and 580kW (60Hz) from a 25L engine, is the latest gas generator model launched by Cummins Power Generation, joining Cummins’ QSK60G and HSK78G gas product portfolio. It offers a total package of gas generator capabilities for prime, peaking power and island mode applications, while being suitable for a diverse set of industries ranging from hospitals and manufacturing to commercial building and greenhouses requiring reliable continuous operation.

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