Ghaddar Machinery Co. powered the Winter at Tantora Festival in Saudi Arabia with 63 gensets providing 19.7 MVA


The Winter at Tantora Festival held from December 2019 to March 2020 in AlUla, Saudi Arabia, hosted a mix of concerts, sporting and adventure events, which demanded a power capacity of 19.7 MVA.

Lebanon-based Ghaddar Machinery Co., which supplies its own brand of gensets powered by John Deere, Cummins and Kubota engines, manufactured and installed the 19.7 MVA power solution in three weeks. This capacity was delivered using 33 units of Ghaddar generators powered by John Deere engines with a total capacity of 7.0 MVA; 20 units of Ghaddar generators powered by Kubota engines with a total capacity of 0.45 MVA; and 10 units of Ghaddar generators powered by Cummins engines with a total capacity of 12.25 MVA.

Ghaddar Machinery Co.’s 70,000m² facility for manufacturing, distribution, after-sales service and management support in Rabigh, Saudi Arabia, enabled the company to meet the logistical requirements of the event.

Ghaddar makes ready-to-run yet highly customizable power solutions ranging between 4 and 4,000 kVA, for demanding and remote applications. Since 2019, its portfolio has included 30 to 320 kVA generator sets powered with John Deere engines, as well as complete John Deere-powered power packs for OEMs. The majority of gensets employed for the Winter at Tantora Festival were powered by John Deere engines.

Mohamad Afif Ghaddar, marketing and business development manager, Ghaddar Machinery Co., said: "We choose John Deere because of its extensive, global experience in generator set applications. By adding John Deere engines to our range, we can now meet any power capacity requirement, no matter how demanding the project or operating conditions. The engines' reliability, simple design and ease of maintenance make them perfectly suited to the hot and dusty environments and for remote applications. Furthermore, their impressive load response allows customers to use a smaller and cost-effective package to power their needs."

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