Cat D6 GC dozer features fully mechanical components


The Cat D6 GC dozer is an addition to the Cat dozer lineup with 158 kW (212 hp) of nominal net power and operating weight ranging from 21,630 to 22,710 kg. Like the D7G dozer, the D6 GC is powered by the Cat 3306 engine. A 3-speed planetary powershift transmission and Caterpillar exclusive torque divider ensure that more useable power gets to the ground for solid all-around performance in a wide variety of applications. These mechanical components make up a robust power train that is easy to diagnose and maintain, even in remote locations.

Operators will find familiar 2-lever clutch and brake steering controls. Traditional blade controls and an easy-to-read analog dash display add to the simplicity and ease of operation. Customers can choose a dozer with either open (canopy) or enclosed cab, both with Integrated roll-over protective structure (ROPS/FOPS) for comfort, excellent visibility and added safety. The suspension seat includes a built-in retractable seat belt, and the cab is available with air conditioning for added operator comfort.

The elevated sprocket undercarriage provides ride balance and puts more track on the ground for added stability and performance. Heavy components are located low in the machine delivering a low machine center of gravity compared to its D7G oval track predecessor.

Familiar systems and widely available parts help make maintenance and repairs easier, especially in remote locations. An efficient aluminum bar plate cooling package delivers high ambient capability. The durable system is highly abrasion resistant and designed to minimize plugging.

The elevated sprocket helps make maintenance easier with modular components that are easy to remove/install for service. Segmented sprockets are easy to replace. The undercarriage is optimized with strong structures for stability and durability. The two-piece track roller frame has a maintenance-free recoil system, and the sealed and lubricated track helps prevent internal wear and maximize bushing life. To save time on daily maintenance, the D6 GC features grouped service points and a minimal number of daily grease points.

Semi-Universal (SU) blade provides more capacity than the former D7G dozer for more productivity. Or customers can choose a robust mechanical tilt Angle Blade to suit the work they do. Rear attachment choices include ripper or rigid drawbar. Several options are also available for dealer-installed winches.

A variety of factory options are available to increase the durability in tough applications like forestry and land clearing. Cab and canopy machines can be ordered with sweeps to help protect against falling debris. Front, side, rear and/or door screens are available to surround the operator station. Extra guarding helps protect the fuel and hydraulic tanks, transmission and air pre-cleaner. Heavy-duty bottom guards are standard and added sealing helps keep debris out of the engine compartment. SU and Angle blades are available with brush rack for more carrying capacity and to help protect the machine from debris. The machine can be outfitted with a dealer-installed winch for towing capability.

For extreme cold weather work, the D6 GC can be outfitted with features like heavy-duty batteries, a solid engine hood and an engine coolant heater connection to aid frigid weather starting. Manually adjustable reversible fan varies air flow through the radiator and optional in-line fuel heater aids operation in colder climates.

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