Volvo Trucks upgrades driver support systems

Volvo dynamic steering has been integrated with stability assist and lane keeping assist functions

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Volvo Trucks has enhanced its driver support systems with new functions to help drivers avoid some of the most common accident scenarios. By integrating Volvo dynamic steering with other comfort- and safety-enhancing systems, Volvo Trucks has developed two accident prevention driver support systems: Volvo dynamic steering with stability assist and Volvo dynamic steering with lane keeping assist.

Volvo dynamic steering with stability assist. Dynamic steering works together with the truck's electronic stability control system. Sensors in the frame continuously monitor the truck's rotational speed (yaw) and when the slightest skidding tendency is detected, the system is activated and provides light steering wheel assistance to help the driver steer in the opposite direction, stabilising the vehicle.

Volvo dynamic steering with lane keeping assist. Dynamic steering works together with the truck's lane keeping support system at speeds above 55 km/h. The system monitors the vehicle's position using cameras. When it detects that the truck risks driving outside the current lane, the steering is activated and helps the driver return to the intended direction. If additional assistance is needed, the driver is alerted via gentle vibration in the steering wheel, instead of a warning sound.

Carl Johan Almqvist, traffic and product safety director, Volvo Trucks, said: "Imagine you're driving on a wet, slippery road and you suddenly notice that the rear of the truck is starting to lose its grip on the asphalt. Before this develops into a skid, you steer gently in the opposite direction until the danger is over. That's exactly the way Volvo dynamic steering with stability assist works. The big difference is that the system can discover the risk and help stabilise the vehicle before you've even noticed that something is about to happen."

In addition to the two new driver support systems, Volvo Trucks is introducing a function that makes it possible to adjust steering wheel resistance individually in trucks equipped with Volvo dynamic steering.

"Each driver has a different perception of how light or heavy the steering system should be. Now every driver can adjust the steering wheel resistance exactly as he or she wants for comfortable, relaxed driving. This is a very practical feature for trucks that often have different drivers," said Almqvist.

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