Dubai RTA launches second phase of truck remote monitoring system installation

Starting in September 2018, the second phase targets about 20 thousand vehicles in one year

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Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced the launch of phase II of the installation of the remote monitoring system that detects faults in heavy vehicles and tracks the conducts of  drivers on roads. The new phase, which started this September is for the installation of the monitoring devices on trucks exceeding 15 years in service.

RTA’s Vehicles Safety Service (VSS) Center at Jebel Ali will roll out this installation. RTA launched this technology in Feb 2017 as part of the Smart Dubai initiatives. It aims to improve traffic safety and road security by curbing potential traffic accidents of trucks. At the same time, it provides a quality service to vehicle owners enabling them real-time monitoring of the movement of their vehicles and the conduct of their drivers.

Abdullah Yousef Al Ali, CEO of RTA’s Licensing Agency, said: “The second phase of the system follows the successful launch of the initial phase targeting vehicles exceeding 20 years in service. These two phases are part of a 3-phase roadmap to link all trucks licensed in Dubai, about 52 thousand vehicles. In this phase, the remote monitoring system (telematics devices) is fitted to heavy vehicles exceeding 15 years in service. The installation will be made during the registration renewal or the procurement of a new license.”

The service features include detecting the number of driving hours and attitude of drivers on the roads. Examples of such conducts include reckless driving, sudden braking, dangerous acceleration, exceeding speed limits, involvement in a traffic accident and driving in prohibited places or times among others.

This phase targets about 20 thousand vehicles in one year. The service aims to classify the risks of vehicles, drivers and transportation companies. The service will reduce the drivers’ complaints and will prove effective in monitoring uncompliant vehicles and drivers. It will also standardise the pullover of trucks on roads during on-site inspections by referring to the driver risks classification rating using instant information supplied by the system.

“This technology contributes to improving the safety of transportation and traffic and curbing associated fatalities. The effective monitoring will also improve the environmental sustainability of transport and provide new government services using smart techniques such as the internet of things, big data and AI applications. The development of these breakthrough technologies and linking them with RTA’s Smart Monitoring Center contributes to the compliance with the approved rules and regulations as well,” said Al Ali.

The installation service is provided 24/7 and there are mobile units to provide the service to fleet owners on site. The service is also accessible by surfing RTA’s website (, calling the Vehicles Safety Service (VSS) on 600560005, e-mail ( or visiting the VSS Center at Jebel Ali.

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