Ford Trucks signs several new deals with construction, logistics and waste management companies in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait

The current demand for trucks in the construction industry is the highest it has been in the last three years, according to Mustafa Caner Sinanoğlu, managing director, Middle East, Ford Trucks

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Ford Trucks reports an increase in the company’s market share in the GCC in 2018, having signed several new deals recently with construction, logistics and waste management companies in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait through its dealers Al Jazirah Vehicles and Alghanim Auto, respectively. 

In Kuwait, Alghanim Auto sold 30 cement mixers – the 4143 mixer (8x4) and 3543T (6x4 tractor) models – to Kuwait Canadian Readymix and 94 trucks to construction companies Cengiz (50 trucks) and Polatyol (44 trucks), which are developing Kuwait’s Mutlaa project. The construction models supplied to Cengiz and Polatyol include the 8x4 tipper 4143D, 3543DC (tanker); 4143 mixer (8x4); and 3543T (6x4 tractor).

In Saudi Arabia, Ford Trucks’ recent sales include 21 units of the 3543DC tanker (6x4) to the Ministry of Defense; 25 units of the 1833DC road sweeper (4x2 rigid) and 3543 (6x4) skip loader to a Riyadh Municipality project; 50 units of the 1833 garbage compactor/sweeper and 3543D tipper, 1943 to the Qatif and Taif Municipalities; and a large fleet of the 1943 4x2 tractor to a Sabic and Aramco supplier. 

According to Mustafa Caner Sinanoğlu, managing director, Middle East, Ford Trucks, the current demand for trucks in the construction industry is the highest it has been in the last three years.

Our sales projections indicate that demand for trucks will increase in 2019, driven by the several ongoing projects and the announcement of new mega projects in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. In Q12019 alone, we have confirmed orders for 175 units in these markets. In addition, upcoming tenders for cleaning projects from several municipalities in the region will increase the demand for trucks,” says Mustafa.

Ford’s success in the construction, logistics and waste management markets is a result of the manufacturer’s ability to customise trucks for each segment. All the data about different applications are collected directly from customers during the design of the vehicles. From electric socket to leaf springs, each component is evaluated according to the application of the truck. An intensive quality process for procurement of parts ensures that the vehicles serve their intended purposes with minimum downtime.

Mustafa Caner Sinanoğlu, managing director, Middle East, Ford Trucks

Mustafa lists the features and benefits that are most in demand among Ford Truck customers. They include performance, financing, longevity, warranty, service contracts, after-sales, speed of delivery, and above all, total cost of ownership.

“Ford Tucks are available with high capacities ranging from 19 tonnes to 100 tonnes and equipped with high performance Ford Ecotorq engines 9L & 13L (330 PS/430 PS) with superior ZF manual and automated transmissions. The trucks have a robust chassis, and we offer complete units with super structures from local and international suppliers for different applications. Furthermore, our strategically located factory ensures availability and fast delivery of trucks to all major customers,” says Mustafa.

Ford enhances these features with a comprehensive support and after-sales proposition that includes unlimited extended warranty up to 5 years, service intervals that extend up to 40,000 km and designed as per customer usage and preferences.

As a partner and solutions provider, we aim to reduce the total cost of ownership of our customers through a combination of offerings that include customised service contracts and offering the full extent of our wide network in the region, which enables us to serve our customer at or close to their doorsteps through our stationary and mobile service centres,” says Mustafa. 

Currently, Ford supplies Euro 5 trucks in the UAE and Euro 3 trucks in rest of the GCC markets. Ford also offers optional fleet management systems powered by Arvento in the region. This system is specifically designed for ford Trucks series which enables live monitoring of the vehicles; fuel consumption tracking; sudden fuel drop alert; intelligent dashboard; optimization of fleet management; driver behaviour evaluation; and detailed reports and alarms.

Mustafa elaborates on the emission standards, safety, and telematics features available on Ford trucks and indicates that they will be augmented in the new F-Max tractor to be released this year in the Middle East. The F-Max recently won the 2019 International Truck of the Year award at the IAA Commercial Vehicles expo in Hannover.

“We do not compromise on the safety features of Ford Trucks. Some of the standard safety features available on Ford Trucks include Disc Brake, Electronic Brake System (EBs) including Anti-Lock Brake system (ABS), Electronic Stability Program, Hill Launch Assist, Differential Lock, Immobilizer, and Front Fog Lamps. In addition, we offer Lane Departure System as an option. In June 2019, we will launch the Ford F-Max tractor in the Middle East. The F-Max will come with many more advanced safety and telematics systems,” says Mustafa.

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