SAF-Holland and French company LOHR Industrie announce 10-year strategic partnership to develop electric trailer axles

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SAF-Holland and LOHR Industrie have entered into a strategic partnership to advance the development of electric trailer axles.

The two companies jointly developed the electric trailer axle AXEAL (AXle Electric Assist Lohr). This works completely independently of the tractor unit's main drive and supports it during acceleration and regenerative braking. By providing traction assistance, the tractor unit operates at a more optimal duty point. It consumes up to 15 percent less fuel, while improving driving comfort. The central mechanical system includes a differential, a reduction gear and a power take-off. This can be coupled when halted to drive a peripheral system, such as a hydraulic pump. When not in use, the electric motor can be disconnected from the transmission to drive peripheral systems.

SAF-Holland’s contribution to the overall system will be the electrically driven trailer axle SAF TRAKe. Using this enables vehicle transporters to load and unload in urban areas, among other things. The entire truck/trailer combination thus meets all the legal requirements for noise and exhaust emissions.

The first semi-trailers for the transport of cars were equipped with this new application for test purposes in the first quarter of 2019. The first LOHR customer vehicles equipped with AXEAL will be delivered to US company Virginia Transport and South African company KDG Logistics in the next few weeks. The findings gathered during actual operation will be directly incorporated into further development of the e-axles. LOHR will also be adding AXEAL to its product portfolio for vehicle transporters starting in the second half of 2019.

Alexander Geis, CEO, SAF-Holland, said: “This cooperation is an excellent example of a targeted exchange of know-how and it represents a milestone in the series application of our TRAKe electric trailer axle. At the same time, we are committed to helping reduce the total cost of ownership and helping our customers comply with the increasingly stringent noise and exhaust gas emission restrictions.”

Cooperation between the two companies is initially set up for ten years and includes an extension clause. SAF-Holland holds the worldwide distribution rights for the AXEAL system.

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