Škoda delivers 104,900 vehicles in May


Skoda delivered 104,900 vehicles to customers worldwide in May. Compared to the same month last year, this represents a decline of 6.6% (May 2018: 112,400 vehicles). The main reason for this development is the current situation in the Chinese car market overall. In Europe, the manufacturer increased deliveries in Austria (+21.9%), Hungary (+20.5%), Germany (+8.4%), and the Netherlands (+6.2%), despite the generally declining market trend in these regions. Skoda posted double-digit growth in Russia. The Octavia continued to be the brand’s bestseller in May, the new compact model Scala has been launched in other markets. In addition to the upgraded Superb and the new Superb Scout, the Superb iV and Citigoe iV mark Skoda’s entry into electromobility at their world premiere in Bratislava.

Alain Favey, Skoda Auto Board Member for Sales and Marketing, explains: “We are continuing our extensive product campaign. Last month, we launched electromobility with our first vehicle to feature plug-in hybrid drive, the Superb iV, and the all-electric Citigoe iV – a milestone in Skoda’s 124-year history. We are convinced that the attractive models of our sub-brand ‘iV’ will attract new customer groups to Skoda.”

In Western Europe, Skoda delivered 45,300 vehicles to customers in May, up 2.5% year-on-year (May 2018: 44,200 vehicles). With 16,300 vehicles, Germany remains the brand’s strongest single European market (May 2018: 15,100 vehicles, +8.4%). Skoda also achieved significant growth in France (3,200 vehicles, +5.3%), Austria (2,800 vehicles, +21.9%), Switzerland (1,900 vehicles, +5.8%), Belgium (1,800 vehicles, + 2.3%), the Netherlands (1,600 vehicles, +6.2%), Denmark (1,400 vehicles, +4.7%) and Greece (500 vehicles, +26.1%).

In Central Europe, deliveries were 3.4% above last year’s level at 20,000 vehicles (May 2018: 19,300 vehicles). With 9,000 deliveries, Skoda recorded a slight year-on-year increase in its domestic market in the Czech Republic (May 2018: 8,700 vehicles, +3.7%). The manufacturer achieved double-digit growth in Hungary (1,600 vehicles, +20.5%). Deliveries also increased in Slovakia (2,000 vehicles, +5.0%) and Slovenia (800 vehicles, +2.2%) in comparison to the same month last year.

In Eastern Europe excluding Russia, Skoda delivered 4,900 vehicles, an increase of 10.8% (May 2018: 4,400 vehicles). The car manufacturer almost doubled its deliveries in Bulgaria with 700 vehicles, representing a substantial increase of 90.3% compared to the same month last year (May 2018: 400 vehicles).

In the growth market of Russia, Skoda’s deliveries increased by 16.9% to 7,000 vehicles (May 2018: 6,000 vehicles).

In May, Skoda delivered 21,100 vehicles in its largest single market, China, a year-on-year decrease of 31.5% (May 2018: 30,800 vehicles). The reason for this development is the continuing decline in the overall car market in China.

In India, Skoda delivered 1,200 vehicles, compared to 1,400 in the same month last year (-19.6%).

Overseas, Skoda increased its deliveries to 3,200 vehicles, up 45.0% compared to May last year (May 2018: 2,200 vehicles). The carmaker recorded growth in Taiwan (700 vehicles, +34.0%), Australia (600 vehicles, +5.6%), Egypt (300 vehicles, +102.9%) and New Zealand (100 vehicles, +8.1%).

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