Nokian Tyres chooses iLOQ S10 digital locking system for the up coming testing center in Spain


Nokian Tyres’ new testing center in Spain enables year-round testing of summer, all-season and winter tires and the tracks will be ready in 2020. The total investment is estimated to be EUR 60 million. For the digital locking system, Nokian Tyres has chosen to partner with iLOQ.

iLOQ is a Finnish company whose technology and software is used to create self-powered digital locking and mobile access management solutions. With a focus on enhancing safety while reducing costs and conserving natural resources, in 2019 alone, iLOQ’s solutions will eliminate 27,000 kg of battery waste and 7,000 kg of metal waste.

Nokian Tyres chose the iLOQ S10 digital locking system for many reasons. The fully digital system makes it quick and easy to handle access rights. Each user is given one key that covers all their access rights – whether its for one or one hundred doors. All iLOQ S10 locking cylinders and keys are programmable. They can be reused and securely reprogrammed according to any changes in access rights, making the system easy to expand according to requirements. And, in the case of lost keys, access rights can be removed, and a new key programmed in only a few seconds ensuring the level of security remains high year after year.

In construction projects, iLOQ S10 locks can be installed on site as soon as doors are ready, simplifying operations and removing the need for large bunches of keys. Access rights can be granted to third-party service providers and updated at all stages during the process. Once the building has been completed, it is easy to reprogram the access rights and hand over the management of the system to the property’s administration staff.

“It’s a huge advantage for us that iLOQ’s cylinders can be installed at the very beginning of construction. It will ensure the relevant people have access to the building and the project can move forwards efficiently while keeping safety levels high,” explains Jukka Kasi, Senior Vice President, Products & Marketing at Nokian Tyres.

The testing center in Spain is the largest single investment in testing Nokian Tyres has made in its history. The main focus of the center will be on summer and all-season tires and tires with a high speed rating; there is especially high demand for them in Nokian Tyres’ growth markets in Central Europe and North America. Another focus area of the testing center is to develop each product’s year-round safety properties.
The new testing site will be the third for Nokian Tyres. It complements the company’s existing tire testing network, which consists of a 700-hectare site in Ivalo, Finland, for testing winter tires and a site near the Finnish headquarters in Nokia.

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