Mercedes-Benz achieves production milestone of over 50,000 Citaro buses

The 55,555th bus is an all-electric, locally emission-free eCitaro which will be on the road for the Swedish Bergkvarabuss AB company in the port town of Trelleborg.

Daimler AG


After selling more than 32,000 units, the second generation of the Citaro arrived from 2011 and continued to build on the strengths of the original best-seller. This included it becoming the first urban bus in the world to meet the Euro VI emissions standard in 2012.

The 55,555th anniversary bus is part of an order for ten eCitaro buses for use in the port town of Trelleborg in southern Sweden. It is the second eCitaro order which Bergkvarabuss AB has placed. The bus company based in Kalmar on southern Sweden's Baltic coast is active in all manner of bus travel, be that school buses, regular-service lines and inter-city routes. Bergkvarabuss AB operates shuttle buses to cruise ships in port towns. The company has more than 30 locations in Sweden, Denmark and Germany and has a fleet of more than 1000 buses, thus making it the biggest privately-owned bus company in all of Europe.

The comprehensive and exclusive equipment of the anniversary bus for Bergkvarabuss AB demonstrates both the high level of comfort and the individuality of the Mercedes-Benz eCitaro. It has an especially elegant appearance thanks to the dark-tinted double-glazed side windows and the additional low-slung side windows between the axles. A pedestrian warning bell makes passers-by aware of the presence of the quiet electric bus.

Passengers enter the eCitaro via two large doors, both of which are electrically-operated pivot-and-slide doors with folding ramps for passengers with reduced mobility. The fully climate-controlled interior is equipped to a very high standard and includes comfortable InterStar Eco seating for intercity operations, as well as ambient lighting, USB sockets for charging mobile devices and side-wall panelling in needle felt. Passengers who are hard of hearing or deaf benefit from the presence of a sound processor.

Equally exemplary is the safety equipment on-board the anniversary vehicle, with the Sideguard Assist turning aid, the Preventive Brake Assist active braking assistant and the electronic stability program ESP. Thanks to the top-of-the-range equipment with twelve battery packs and a total battery capacity of 292 kWh, the eCitaro achieves practicable ranges even in the climes of Scandinavian winters.

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