SAF-Holland fifth wheels support heavy-duty and off-road applications and its sliders enable optimum utilisation of axle load and vehicle length

The SAF-Holland SK-HD 38.36 fifth wheel.
The SAF-Holland SK-HD 38.36 fifth wheel.


Together with the kingpin, the fifth wheel forms the decisive link between the tractor unit and the semi-trailer. It carries the weight of the semi-trailer and ensures its unrestricted movement. It also absorbs various forces when braking or accelerating and the swaying movements of the trailer, for example on bends. In order for the yoked unit to travel safely both on-road and off-road, the maximum imposed load and the corresponding d-value, the reference value for the tractive force between tractor unit and trailer, also need to be optimally coordinated.

The SAF-Holland Group offers a comprehensive range of fifth wheels for all applications, including for heavy-duty transport up to 36 tonnes. With the appropriate slider, users can achieve the optimum utilisation of axle load and vehicle length.

Heavy-duty fifth wheel

Fifth wheels in vehicles travelling on construction sites or landfills need to be able to bear particularly high imposed loads. The SAF-Holland heavy-duty fifth wheel SK-HD 38.36 is designed for transporting imposed loads of up to 36 tonnes. The component, which features a robust cast steel coupling plate, is available in two versions: for imposed loads of up to 23 tonnes (2'') and up to 36 tonnes (3.5''). If necessary, the fifth wheel can be converted from 3.5'' to 2'' and vice versa. The SK-HD 38.36, available in overall heights of 150 and 190 mm, is suitable for the SAF steering wedge for semi-trailers with forced steering. The 185kg fifth wheel is impressive thanks to its permanently maintenance-free bearings and simple lock adjustment.

Fifth wheel for off-road applications

The SAF-Holland SK-HD 38.36 G is a 36t fifth wheel designed for use on tough terrain. The off-road version with cardanic bearings is suitable for all types of terrain, particularly for transportation over tough terrain. It compensates for pitch and roll to maintain the traction of the tractor unit and protects it against frame damage. The 272kg cast steel coupling is designed for imposed loads of 23 tonnes (2'') and 36 tonnes (3.5'').

Slider for optimum utilisation of axle load

The exact installation position of the fifth wheel depends on a number of factors, including behaviour when swerving and handling bends and the legally restricted overall length of the tractor-trailer combination. A slider helps to make optimum utilisation of the permissible axle load and to distribute the imposed load individually on the tractor unit. It also allows the vehicle length to be adapted to national regulations or special requirements, for example in ferry operations.

The SAF-Holland SK-V 36 slider is designed for heavy-duty fifth wheels of 150 mm and 190 mm overall height and imposed loads of 36 tonnes. The device, ideally coordinated with the SK-HD 38.36 fifth wheel, allows total slider travel of 800 mm over nine positions. It has a low overall height of just 57 mm, can be operated single-handedly and is approved for forced steering with steering wedge.

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