Continental’s Conti CoachRegio tyres for intercity buses increase grip and curve stability on dry and wet roads

The Conti CoachRegio HD3 for the drive axle.
The Conti CoachRegio HD3 for the drive axle.


Continental has launched a new tyre line for intercity buses, named Conti CoachRegio, designed for safe touring between cities and villages under variable speed conditions, good handling and high mileage on hilly and winding regional roads.

The Conti CoachRegio line includes an all axle fitment tyre as well as a dedicated drive axle tyre. The new design fulfils the needs of fleet customers who operate in short distance travel and intercity transportation in general as well as those who operate tourism buses, tour buses, school buses or workers shuttles.

The tyre line includes the Conti CoachRegio HA3 295/80 R 22.5 for all axles and Conti CoachRegio HD3 for the drive axle. The latter will also be available from Q4 2020 as ContiRe CoachRegio HD3, manufactured using Continental’s hot retreading solution, which provides multiple service lives with durable and robust casing.

Due to its ‘Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake’ marking (3PMSF), the Conti CoachRegio drives smoothly under all weather conditions in all seasons, and its durable and robust casing delivers a load capability of LI 154/149, currently the highest available for the drive axle in the coach and intercity segment. Regarding EU Label values, both tyres are rated ‘C’ for fuel efficiency and ‘B’ for wet grip, with a rolling noise of 71 dB for the HA3 and 73 dB for HD3 (both with one soundwave).

The balanced compound for traction and mileage provides a combination of rubber polymer and strengthening filler materials. A special, functionalized rubber and a new type of carbon black ensure high mileage with rolling resistance while at the same time offering good wet handling and dry grip.

When it comes to pattern design, the Conti CoachRegio HA3 has full-depth siping technology for good wet and winter performance, with straight grooves in the outer ribs for structural stability as well as zig-zag inner grooves for optimal performance against stone retention. These characteristics result in better cornering stability and quiet rolling, which improve comfort for the passengers. The Conti CoachRegio HD3 also features a new tie-bar shoulder design that increases robustness and minimizes damage from kerb impact, while the full-depth 3D sipes enhance water displacement for improved wet performance, traction and safety.

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