Region’s largest electric vehicle buyers study launched ahead of Smarter Mobility World

Ben Pullen, Co-Founder & CEO at Generation.e, and Jorge Bialade, General Manager at YallaMotor.
Ben Pullen, Co-Founder & CEO at Generation.e, and Jorge Bialade, General Manager at YallaMotor.


YallaMotor, in partnership with Generation.e, has announced that it will be running the second Electric Vehicle Buyers Survey in the lead up to the Smarter Mobility World in March.

The survey, which last year canvassed the views of over 3,800 people in the GCC, is the largest survey ever to be conducted in the region to better understand the appetite for electric vehicles in the Middle East.

Last year’s survey, ran by the region’s largest automotive portal, YallaMotor, in collaboration with Generation.e, aimed to shed light on the pain points that potential buyers face when purchasing an electric vehicle.

Highlights of the research revealed that while only eight per cent of people had ever driven a pure electric vehicle in the region, consumers were quick to identify some of the advantages of better fuel economy and reduced carbon emissions at 51 percent and 49 percent respectively.

Despite the excitement surrounding electric vehicles, consumers are concerned about the long charging times (45 percent), the high initial cost of purchase (37 percent) and the inconvenient charging options (34 percent).

On balance, however, the 2019 survey revealed that 44 percent of those in the GCC are likely or very likely to purchase an electric vehicle in the next two years. More interestingly, a considerable 61 percent will also opt to have it as their primary vehicle. 

This year’s survey has been launched to identify whether perceptions have shifted further in light of global and regional efforts to accelerate the transition to electric and smarter mobility.

The results of the latest study will be announced at Smarter Mobility World, the first event of its kind that will bring together thought leaders from business and government for a two-day summit, held at The Sustainable City on 24-25 March 2020.

A full line up of speakers has been announced at Smarter Mobility World, including leaders from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, One Moto, Best Mile, and eKar, with the event providing a packed agenda of workshops and roundtables where delegates will hear about new smarter mobility solutions and transport planning.

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