FAMCO delivers first unit of Volvo’s biggest truck in the GCC – the FH16 750 HP – to Al Faris Group


Al-Futtaim Auto & Machinery Company (FAMCO) has delivered the first Volvo heavy haulage truck to its customer Al Faris Group in Dubai. 

Al Faris has become the first owner in the region of an FH 8x4 Tridem tractor with Euro 5, 16 Ltr, 750 HP 3550 nm torque engine, including air suspension and a host of other heavy haulage features. The truck has ultra-low crawler gears with 1:32 gear ratio which is the highest in the industry.

Hillary W. Pinto, managing director and founder, Al Faris Group, commented: “We are quite proud that we have the biggest 750hp truck in the region. We have purchased a Volvo truck for our fleet after many years, and we are very happy to be associated with Volvo trucks again.”

Al Faris is particularly wowed by the performance of the truck and the support provided by FAMCO.

“Our team and drivers like the truck very much, and the performance feedback has been quite good. The Volvo FH16 750 HP is able to pull heavy loads on its own in difficult situation where we considered using two trucks initially. The new Ultra low crawler gearbox of the Volvo is exceptional and makes starting and driveability easy,” said Pinto.

“Furthermore, Volvo and FAMCO eased the procurement, delivery, driver training processes with active involvement from the specification stage until the truck was put in operation. The Volvo Driver trainers ensured that our drivers were well prepared to handle this big truck in the right manner. Therefore, we have ordered our second Volvo truck and expect to add more of them to our fleet in the future,” added Pinto.

Features of the Volvo FH16 750 include:

FH16 Globetrotter FH16 High Sleeper Cabin: The largest cab in this region offers a very high level of comfort with ideal driving position, anatomically designed seats, low noise level, high-capacity climate control system and a world-class safety level.

Volvo Euro 5 D16G750 engine: This engine is designed for heavy and demanding operations and is based on a robust and dependable design with an overhead camshaft, four valves per cylinder and precisely controlled electronic fuel injection.

I-Shift gearbox with ultra low crawler and multi - speed reverse gear box: Volvo’s I-Shift is characterized by a fast gear changing system featuring minimum interruption in torque delivery during gear changing.

Rear air suspension, 3 axles – 1 pusher/2 driven suited for heavy haulage: The rear axle is a three-axle air-suspended tridem bogie with tandem drive and a steered pusher axle for the 8×4 configuration.

Electric hydraulically steered and liftable pusher axle: The truck is equipped with a electrically controlled hydraulic steering system for the rear axle. The design is integrated with a steered pusher axle with single-mounted wheels located in front of the drive shaft.

Electronic Brake System package: The EBS system ensures better brake efficiency and offers a large number of additional features such as anti-lock braking, traction, stability and brake monitoring functions.

Reinforced chassis frame with full length inner liner: The chassis frame is made from high-strength steel and its front section is bent outwards to accommodate the cab and engine.

Additional road speed limiter: This allows the driver to define a temporary speed limit for the truck, a useful feature when entering a low-speed area.

Trailer brake at parking: This is a a safety system for units equipped with electronic brake system (EBS) to obtain more secure vehicle combinations.

860-litre separate fuel tank: The fuel tank made of aluminum is mounted on a special frame behind cab which allows free space on the chassis and is often used on heavy haulage trucks.

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