Dubai Taxi launches self-sanitizing booth for taxi drivers


RTA’s Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has launched a self-sanitizing booth for taxi drivers at their residence in Muhaisnah. 

“The launch of this self-sanitizing both is in line with the government drive to protect the safety of the community as well as exposed individuals performing field duties. Since taxi drivers are in frequent contact with riders, we considered taking an extra measure to protect them against the virus. The process involves disinfecting the uniforms and shoes of drivers by the end of their daily shifts. The self-sanitizing both installed at the entry of drivers accommodation at Muhaisna, provides a 360-degree spray of sanitising materials around the body,” said Nasir Al-Haj, Director of Assets, DTC.

DTC has also introduced other preventive measures such as a touchless system for registering the entry/exit of drivers through face-recognition cameras and subjecting drivers to frequent measuring of body temperature. Drivers are required to wear gloves and masks throughout their service hours and disinfect their vehicles after each use. Plastic barriers are installed in taxis to isolate drivers from riders onboard.

“These measures contribute to a safer working environment for taxi drivers and also boost the confidence of riders in the quality of DTC services and make them feel comfortable while using our service. It remains to be said that the introduction of this self-sterilising pass serves DTC’s strategic goals of Excellent Operation and People Happiness,” concluded Al-Haj.

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