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The Wolffkran Way of end-to-end lift management
Nov 10, 2019
As a manufacturer and rental company, Wolffkran has total control of its supply chain, which enables the company to offer end-to-end lift management with a range of services including planning of the crane foundation, erection and dismantling; crane operational methodology; anti-collision systems; service and maintenance; and spare parts.
From factory to foundation: Johnson Arabia looks at the bigger picture
Nov 10, 2019
The rental company is working on standardizing its fleet to maximize equipment uptime by opting for brands that offer the most consistent after-sales service, particularly availability of spare parts.
Specialists in vertical and horizontal heavy transport
Nov 10, 2019
Aertssen Machinery Services' crawler crane fleet expansion is driven by the increasing lifting capacities on modern construction sites.
Topless tower cranes will see high demand  with GCC market rebound
Nov 10, 2019
This year, Manitowoc expanded its topless range with the launch of models such as the MCT 325 and MDT 809.

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