CAFU moves to free delivery as it innovates its business model in a time of global change


As the UAE transitions into the new normal following the Covid-19 lockdown, Dubai-born CAFU has removed its delivery charges.

The start-up, which reimagined the vehicle refuelling model, has been delivering fuel to UAE residents anytime, anywhere, since it opened its doors in 2018 as the first on-demand fuel delivery service in the MENA region.

"The Covid era has been challenging for us all. It has changed our way of life, impacting how we live, work, and socialise, but it has also given us a moment to pause and reflect on how we can do more for our community to try and ease their day-to-day lives," said Rashid Al Ghurair, Founder and CEO of CAFU.

"As a business, we constantly find ways to increase the value we bring to our customers, as we continue to innovate and adapt to serve them better.

"CAFU has been a key part of the community and has played an active role in making life better for our customers by bringing to life the idea of fuel on-demand.

"Now, as we emerge into our new world and return to some normality in our lives, we are investing into the community by removing our delivery charges which will help them save on both time and money, making the process of refuelling their vehicles a hassle free one."

According to an IPSOS study, UAE residents are estimated to spend an average of 10 minutes waiting in line for fuel at a petrol station.

For a CAFU consumer filling up their tank every week, a drop in delivery charges would mean an annual saving of nearly nine hours and up to AED 1,000.

"The world has changed drastically in the wake of this global pandemic, and business models need to evolve to better meet the needs of customers", said Antonio Al Asmar, General Manager of CAFU who adds, "as a pioneering, locally founded organisation, we are deeply committed to putting our community at the heart of our endeavours.

"With a growing fleet of owned trucks, and strict health and safety measures in place, we want to support and grow our community of customers with safe, contactless refuelling, and by saving them money, fuel and time."

Moreover, as a show of solidarity and to reflect the UAE's spirit of renewal, resilience and optimism, CAFU has rebranded its fleet of trucks from Grey to Teal, as a symbol of positivity and hope, and to signify calmness, strength and safety amidst uncertain times.

"Our new and improved fleet of Teal trucks is a small step further in serving as a symbol of optimism on wheels across our nation’s roads."

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