Dynapac to expand product offering and distribution network

The former road construction equipment division of Atlas Copco acquired by Fayat Group plans to introduce a new range of light compaction equipment in 2018

Thierry Leder, regional general manager of Dynapac Middle East & Africa.
Thierry Leder, regional general manager of Dynapac Middle East & Africa.


In 2017, France-based Fayat Group acquired Dynapac, the road construction equipment division of Atlas Copco, to strengthen its strategic position in the road construction and maintenance equipment industry. The agreement includes sales and services operations in 37 countries, production units in four countries, Sweden, Germany, Brazil and China, and a production partnership in India.

Dynapac, which manufactures rollers for asphalt and soil applications, pavers and planers, has a strong brand recognition in the road construction machinery. Under the Fayat umbrella, Dynapac will continue to operate as an autonomous manufacturer and retain its brand name.

Thierry Leder, regional general manager of Dynapac Middle East & Africa, speaks to PMV Middle East about the change of ownership, impact on the company culture and future plans.

According to Leder, Dynapac complements Fayat’s product portfolio well because of the addition of a complete range of high-quality compaction equipment and transfer of technology know-how.

“For Fayat group, the acquisition of Dynapac presents great opportunities to increase its offerings and customise products for different markets according to their design and emission specifications. Being the pioneer of compaction, Dynapac brings to Fayat group a complete range of high-quality compaction equipment. Its pavers are recognised to have one of the best technology in the road construction industry, and acquiring them has enabled the transfer of know-how about superior paving technology,” says Leder. 

Leder elaborates on the positive impact of the acquisition on Dynapac’s organisational structure and culture. “Both Fayat Group and Dynapac, have long histories with strong company cultures. Fayat has been in the construction industry for more than 60 years, initially as a construction contractor and then as a construction machinery manufacturer for the last 25 years. Under Fayat Group, Dynapac will have the opportunity to take advantage of their construction industry expertise and improve customer centricity by reinforcing its distributor network,” he says.

In addition to expanding its distributor network, Dynapac’s growth strategy includes new product launches in 2018 and aftermarket development.

“Despite several markets in the Middle East and Africa shrinking during the last 2–3 years, we have decided to maintain our presence there. We will increase support to our distributors to help them enhance their services. Aftermarket solutions will be a very important focus area for us. We continue to develop our aftermarket proposal and increase our technical support,” says Leder.

Dynapac launched several products during Q4-2017 and Q1-2018, and plans to introduce a new range of light compaction equipment in 2018, comprising tampers, forward and reversible plates, walk behind and articulated utility rollers.

“To meet market demands, product introductions will begin during the second quarter of 2018 with focus on the highest utilised models. The complete range will be available by the end of 2018. In the future, we will add more products to offer a complete package for customers in the construction industry. Furthermore, digitalization is on its way, and we intend to adopt more digital technologies to provide our customers with more productive and efficient equipment,” says Leder.

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