FAMCO signs two new customers in Abu Dhabi

Al Nubala General Contracting Company.
Al Nubala General Contracting Company.


Abu Dhabi based companies Al Nubala General Contracting Company and Cardiff General Transport have taken delivery of 5 units of the Volvo FH460 6x4 tractor and 8 units of the Volvo FM420 4x2 tractor, respectively, from Al-Futtaim Auto & Machinery Company (FAMCO).

With these investments Al Nubla General Contracting Company and Cardiff General Transport have expanded their fleet sizes to 15 units and 160 units, respectively

Cardiff General Transport.

According to the companies the major factors that influenced their decisions to invest in Volvo were fuel efficiency, resale value, after sales support. Both the companies estimate a payback period of five years.

Vladimir Knezevic, managing director, FAMCO UAE, said: “As always, FAMCO is able to bring this industry-leading product from Volvo Trucks to market with confidence in both the world-class engineering and design, and, FAMCO’s unparalleled service. FAMCO will continue to invest in such heavy-duty vehicles to ensure the best possible results and the highest standards of overall operational efficiency for all the transportation and construction segments .”

A statement from Al Nubala General Contracting Company read: “We’ve partnered with FAMCO to ensure the minimum downtime and reduced risk of any uncalculated emergency expenses. Maximizing uptime in the fleet is becoming more important with the onset of rising costs of parts and labour. Low fuel consumption in the new Volvo trucks range is one of the many key features that will reduce our operational costs. Also, the safety features of the trucks are very most important for us as we consider our driver as crucial partners in business. Volvo’s new trucks are spacious, and drivers can take rest comfortably when necessary. This in return will reduce the costs related to accidents and downtime.”

A statement from Cardiff General Transport read: “Our maintenance department plays a crucial role in maximising the the uptime of our fleet. We have service contracts with all our dealers and they support us with extended warranty and genuine parts. Driver training is an essential component of fuel economy goals. We see an average 10% improvement in fuel economy with adequate driver training. We expect to have a long-term business relationship with FAMCO.”

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