ACDelco expands coolant range in the Middle East

Two new product lines include the engine protector coolant and classic green coolant

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ACDelco has expanded its range of coolants in the Middle East, aimed at preventing summer overheating in the region. Two new product lines have been introduced: the engine protector coolant (red cap) and the classic green coolant (green cap).

The ACDelco engine protector (Red) and classic coolant (Green) are carboxylate based coolants. The coolants use organic additive technology to prevent corrosion and provide protection from scale and rust build-up. The redeveloped coolants optimize cooling performance and prevent overheating over a 12-month period.

The Red coolant provides boil over protection of up to 100.5 ºC and the green coolant provides protection greater than 104 ºC. Available in 33% concentration (pre-diluted), the Green coolant is used on wide range of all car makes, especially Japanese and Korean applications. Available in 4% concentration, the Red coolant consists of a new class of inhibitors.

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