Product customisation and services for different working conditions drive Goodyear’s market penetration in the MEA

Goodyear is offering its Drive-Over-Reader tyre monitoring technology as a bundled service exclusively to its tyre customers

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Goodyear’s market offerings in the MEA comprise on-road, off-road and mixed-service tyres customised for different conditions with data-enabled services for real-time monitoring of tyre and vehicle parameters.

For moderate to extreme on-road conditions such driving in extreme heat, on rough roads or with heavy load, Goodyear offers the KMax range of steer, drive and trailer tyres, which include the KMax Extreme, KMax Endurance and KMax Cargo. A special feature of the Kmax S Extreme steer tyre is the Intellimax Rib technology, which improves the tracking and steering on the front axle. 

For mixed-service conditions, Goodyear offers the Omnitrac range of all-axle tyres, which includes a standard version for general mixed-service applications and an HD version for heavy-duty applications. The Omnitrac range has been customised further with a 24-inch model for certain markets in the GCC and Africa which do not have load regulations. The Omnitrac 24-inch tyre is available as a tubeless tyre that can be fitted as a tube tyre. This serves both the current needs of markets dominated by tube tyres as well their gradual shift to tubeless technology. The Omnitrac range incorporates DuraShield technology which includes an exclusive top belt for extra resistance to casing damage which increases mileage potential and improves retreadability. 

Mohammad Saghier, director-business product development, Goodyear Middle East and Africa, elaborates on the company’s long-term product and service development strategy.

“No particular tyre or range of tyres can serve all on-road and off-road applications. Furthermore, advancements in tyre technology alone will not help fleet operators reduce their operating costs. Our strategy is to constantly improve and develop specialised tyres for different working conditions. For the Omnitrac range, we guarantee an average first life of one year and up to 90% retreadability,” says Saghier.

“We also aim to deliver the lowest cost per kilometre to our customers. Therefore, we complement our tyre offering with services that help customers monitor and maintain their assets in real time. This two-pronged strategy gives us a competitive advantage other tyre manufacturers,” he adds.

Mohammad Saghier, director-business product development, Goodyear Middle East and Africa.

Goodyear’s service portfolio includes Goodyear Proactive Solutions, a suite of data-based solutions featuring advanced telematics and patented predictive technology that provides real-time monitoring of tyres. This includes the Goodyear tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) which uses sensors installed on rims to collect and monitor tyre pressure and temperature data in real time to detect under inflated tyres, air leaks and mechanical issues. The TPMS provides instant warnings if tyre pressure or temperature fails to meet acceptable parameters.

A more comprehensive solution offered by Goodyear for measuring and analysing tyre conditions automatically for large fleet operators is the Drive-Over-Reader (DOR), which uses a ground-mounted sensor to scan the tyre and vehicle parameters when the vehicle drives over it. The difference between the DOR and a TPMS system is that the DOR does not require sensors installed in tyres or vehicles.

The Goodyear Drive-Over-Reader uses a ground-mounted sensor to scan the tyre and vehicle parameters when the vehicle drives over it.

The ground-mounted sensor, alone, measures the tread depth, pressure, and axle and tyre load. It can also identify variations of tread depth that can shorten tyre life. This data is analysed and a comprehensive report is generated providing critical input and potential warnings on insufficient tread depth, incorrect tyre pressure or overloading. The report is automatically sent to the fleet manager.

The DOR does not capture the serial number of the tyres. Vehicle license plates can be identified by installing cameras. Goodyear has installed the first DOR system outside Europe at the Dubai RTA depot for public buses.

“Only one DOR is needed at a depot because there’s no limit to the number of vehicles it can scan. When a DOR is installed at the entrance of a depot, it takes only a few seconds to measure all parameters of each vehicle entering the depot. The fast and user-friendly reports generated by the DOR enable fleet managers to detect tyre-related problems early and plan long-term maintenance, including regrooving, retreading or replacement, to ensure optimised tyre mileage and fuel efficiency as well as correct vehicle loading,” says Saghier.

“Currently, this technology is offered only by Goodyear. The DOR system is compatible with any vehicle or tyre brand; however, we offer it as a bundled service at no additional cost only for Goodyear tyre customers,” he adds.

Goodyear is expanding these services with the introduction of RFID chips in tyres and a tyre management software.

“Goodyear will be the first company in the MEA region to embed RFID as standard in the Omnitrac S steer tyres. The 24-inch model with RFID will be available this year. Customers will have the flexibility to buy any RFID reader and measure parameters such as serial number, size and pattern, but not temperature and pressure. We have also launched a tyre management software for complete management of tyre inventory, utilisation and replacement,” says Saghier.

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