Hitachi Consite provides a consolidated fleet management system for heavy equipment

The data reporting service monitors the day-to-day operational statuses of Hitachi machines and sends notifications instantly and monthly via mobile apps and emails.


Consite is a machine data reporting service offered by Hitachi Construction Machinery to dealers and end users. The service is integrated with Global e-Service, Hitachi’s fleet management service which monitors machines remotely and provides information such as operating hours, utilisation, fuel level, temperature, pressure, and emissions.

Consite provides two types of machine data reporting services – instant machine alarm notifications and detailed machine operational monthly reports via mobile apps and emails. Hitachi currently provides two mobile apps – Consite Shot and Consite Pocket – for dealers and end users in its territory.

Consite Shot enables service engineers, operators, and mechanics to conduct machine inspections on the go by enabling them to take photos, add captions to document machine status and location, generate reports in minutes, and share them instantly.

Piet Bakergem, general manager, Hitachi Construction Machinery Middle East Corporation (HMEC), says: “Consite Shot has been developed exclusively to support our dealers in offering high-quality, fast inspection services to their customers. The app also provides a new opportunity to boost Hitachi genuine parts and service sales. One of our dealers in Turkey has reported a significant improvement in operations efficiency by using Consite Shot, which has helped them reduce their inspection time and report creation time from half a day to only a couple of minutes.”

“Inspections could either report existing failures, potential failures, or even highlight best practices. In any case, the visual inspection reports generated via Consite Shot eliminates the tedious process of written or verbal communication among dealers and end users via multiple emails and phone calls. Furthermore, documenting the status of machines with photos can help dealers take a proactive approach to maintenance and repair services.”

Consite Pocket enables end users to track the locations and statuses of all machines in their fleets in real time. End users can search reports by machine serial number, model and territory.

When a machine fault occurs, end users and dealers receive emergency alarm notifications on the app for them to communicate further and tackle the issue. The app also includes a diagnosis manual for dealers to troubleshoot any fault or failure in the shortest possible time.

Consite also includes features such as the Consite intelligent service parts finder (Consite ISF) which contains illustrations of all parts and enables users to search for an item by machine model code, model name and part number, and generate a selected parts list for procurement that can be exported and printed, or sent via email.

“The combination of Consite Shot and Consite Pocket provides the following benefits: dealers and end-users have access to more machine data and communication between them is simplified; failures are predicted with high accuracy including AI technology, which enables maintenance and repair before failures occur; and dealers can recommend and sell parts based on real-time statuses of machines,” says Bakergem.

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