Zaeto launches diesel additive to reduce NOx produced by vehicles

D-Zel Aid burns fuels cleaner and creates less soot

D-Zel Aid diesel additive.
D-Zel Aid diesel additive.


UAE-based specialist provider of industrial greases and lubricants Zaeto has launched a diesel additive called D-Zel Aid, which reduces NOx (Nitrogen dioxide and nitric oxide) levels produced by vehicles. When added to diesel or biodiesel in vehicles and general machinery, D-Zel Aid helps the fuel burn cleaner through a typical combustion processes, creating less soot.

According to the company, the additive can reduces the amount of fuel used in motor vehicles upward of 10%, and more in some cases.

Nicholas Brooks, founder, Zaeto, said: "The product was specially-designed to make engines run better. Adding a small amount of D-Zel Aid, about 0.3ml per litre, can make a difference. D-Zel Aid is suitable for almost all diesel vehicle types, especially Euro 3 and Euro 4 stage vehicles, where emissions are not buffered by DPF, EGR or SCR systems."

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