Setting a green standard for lubricants and greases

Dubai-based Zaeto aims to reduce the environmental impact of the heavy equipment industry

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Inspired by the UAE’s sustainability goals, particularly UAE Vision 2021 and the Year of Zayed, Zaeto MEA was launched in January 2018 as a specialist provider of industrial greases and lubricants to address the demands of the heavy industry in the Middle East and Africa for environmentally friendly solutions to protect and maintain machinery in extreme climate conditions and temperatures.

Nicholas Brooks, founder, Zaeto, says: “The UAE Government has stated that it wants to achieve sustainable development while preserving the environment. Currently, many of the region’s heavy industry companies involved in areas such as manufacturing and marine transport, use lubrication and grease products that contain environmentally damaging materials that can lead to pollution of the natural ecology. We aim to change this trend with a new range of environmentally-friendly industrial products, specifically designed for the harsh climate and temperatures of the Middle East, which will minimise the impact on the ecosystem.”

Nicholas Brooks, founder, Zaeto.

Zaeto, which in Arabic means ‘to lubricate’, incorporates a technology tested in the US market for over 10 years. Zaeto’s products use calcium Sulfonate as part of its formula. Calcium Sulfonate is a form of crushed limestone and has been used for lubrication since historical times. Calcium sulfonate is also naturally tacky, eliminating the need for glues or added tackifiers. Furthermore, they do not contain heavy metals or toxins.

Zaeto’s product ranges includes the Zaeto premium greases, D-Zel Aid, Heavy Mech Treatments, Advanced Lubricants and Auto. One of the company’s recently launched products is a diesel formula called D-Zel Aid, which can reduce the amount of fuel used in motor vehicles upward of 10%. D-Zel Aid was designed to save on fuel economy as well as reduce NOx (Nitrogen dioxide and nitric oxide) levels produced by vehicles. 

“The formula, when added to diesel (or biodiesel) in both vehicles and general machinery, is proven through typical combustion processes to reduce the production of NOx and burn cleaner, thereby creating less soot and increasing efficiency. D-Zel Aid is suitable for almost all diesel vehicle types, especially Euro 3 and Euro 4 stage vehicles where emissions are not buffered by DPF, EGR or SCR systems. A small amount, about 0.3ml per litre, is needed in order to see a difference,” says Brooks.

Zaeto is also the trading company for the brand. Currently, the finished products are imported into the UAE from the US. The company’s long-term goal is to offer a ‘made in UAE’ range of products

“We want to localise the Zaeto range of products as much as possible to be able to serve the entire Middle East region and develop it to be able to serve European markets in the future,” says Brooks.

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