Goodyear tackles performance limits of tyres in extreme heat

The new Kmax Extreme range has been specifically engineered to meet the weather, road, payload and speed requirements in the Middle East

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One of the causes of tyre failure in the Middle East is the build-up of heat in tyres due to lack of maintenance. Ambient temperatures in the region often exceed 45°C in the summer, increasing wear and reducing durability of standard tyres, which particularly affects commercial vehicles that have to drive long distances carrying heavy loads. To run like clockwork, fleet operations require meticulous planning and logistics; however, the tyres on the vehicles remain the most critical, yet often overlooked elements of this chain.

Goodyear recently launched a new truck tyre line specifically engineered for use in extreme heat conditions. The Kmax Extreme is the result of advanced design, intensive lab and field testing for three years in the Middle East, and customisation to meet the weather, road, payload and speed requirements in the region.

The Kmax Extreme range which comprises the Kmax S Extreme steer tyre, Kmax D Extreme drive tyre and Kmax T Extreme trailer tyre, minimises heat generation through a new technology in its construction and rubber compound. Specially designed tread patterns and compounds ensure resistance to abrasion in hot conditions, and the carcasses are designed to cope with long life cycles in such conditions.

A key feature of the Kmax Extreme’s steer tyre is IntelliMax Rib technology, which improves tracking and steering on the front axle, whilst shortening stopping distance and increasing mileage. The intelligent tread design has stiffener bridges in the central grooves, which connect when the tyre rolls through the footprint allowing the two central ribs to support each other, stiffening the tread design and limiting slip especially when cornering. The design ensures steering precision, and road holding is maintained throughout the tread’s life.

According to the company, the tyres save fuel and reduce operating costs in addition to offering enhanced safety and robustness. The Kmax Extreme range reduces the cost per kilometre (CPK) by 20% compared to its predecessor.

The tyres have been rigorously tested and approved by some of the major fleets operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Goodyear recently showcased the Kmax Extreme range to partners from 10 countries in the region. The events were held in the UAE and Saudi Arabia and demonstrated in detail the various aspects of the tyres that make them suitable for fleet operators in the Middle East.

The Kmax Extreme steer and drive tyres are both produced in size 315/80R22.5, and the trailer tyre in size 385/65R22.5. A 385/65R22.5 steer tyre will become available in late 2018. The tyres are currently under evaluation for homologation by original equipment manufacturers.

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