Real-time measurement of bearing efficiency will become a reality in the near future

Amar Ridha, founder, Mineral Circles Bearings, gives a glimpse of bearing technologies enhancing the safety and operational performance of commercial vehicles

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The fast paced era of technological revolution is changing traditional business models in the automotive industry’s manufacturing and aftermarket sectors. Influenced by Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT), and the ‘mobile’ generation, the speed of breakthroughs remains unstoppable.    

Bearing technology nowadays is focused more on predictive information for the driver and service life rather than just replacement. One example is the magnetic anti-lock braking system (ABS) sensor in bearings which gives accurate speed information based on the vehicle’s own wheel rotational speed. Once damaged, the ABS signal will flicker on the dashboard as a warning to the driver that he or she may encounter potential steering difficulty and driving instability in the event of any sudden braking. Another ABS sensor benefit is it aids GPS in detecting vehicle movement even in hard to reach areas such as tunnels by sending signals based on tire rotation.         

As for construction machinery, accelerometers are on the rise as well as technologies related to predictive maintenance such as wireless temperature and vibration measurement tools. In the near future, real-time measurement of bearing efficiency will become a reality. 

In the world of automotive bearings, most notably commercial vehicles, the trend is shifting to customized designs and systems solutions. Years ago, only standard tapered roller bearings (TRB) were manufactured, especially for trucks. Today, these are being replaced by pre-set hubs with built-in bearings, seals, and accessories. Also known as 3rd generation wheel bearings, these are suitable for commercial vehicle safety as their ready-to-install feature help minimize manual fitting errors thereby resulting to longer lifespan but with less maintenance costs. 

This bearing hub technology also has a positive impact on the environment. Since the bearings are lubricated for life, it enables equal distribution of heat and temperature regulation for the duration of their service life. That means lower power consumption, decreased energy emission, and lesser pollution. To make sure our clients can take advantage of this technology, we offer durable aftermarket hubs for truck and trailer applications from top brands such as Iveco, Schmitz Cargobull AG, Volvo, and Mercedes-Benz. With our own economical bearing brand also known as MCB, we envision to produce a long lasting yet energy saving bearing models for automotive applications, transmission, and chassis to be offered at a reasonable cost without compromising operational efficiency and safety.  Also, we make it a point to customize our bearings to suit the requirements of the MEA region which are based on environmental and loading conditions as well as clients’ purchasing power.

Passenger safety should be the topmost priority. Although we strive to welcome change to keep moving forward in the bearing industry, it is important to remember that technological advancements are meant to serve the public’s interest and that includes not just passengers but distributors, clients, mechanics, and end-users.

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