Top 10 factors to consider in choosing the right grease for machinery and automotive bearings

Mineral Circles Bearings (MCB), a distributor of machinery and automotive grease in the Middle East, provides 10 easy tips to select the right lubrication solution

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In this fast paced era where time definitely has a cost, how can you save your business from operational downtime while enjoying lower maintenance costs with decreased energy consumption?

How can you make sure that your machine’s mechanical components will be in tiptop shape?

1. Use or application- Ask yourself, is it solely for bearings or is it for other mechanical components? This will help you determine if you need a multi-purpose grease or a specific type such as one that works well in high vibration environment.

2. Load- Is the machine used for heavy industry such as construction and mining or is it used for trucks? High loads affect bearing performance due to extreme pressure and therefore requires a heavy duty grease type.

3. Temperature and humidity- Choose a high temperature grease if the operating environment involves increased levels of moisture and hot temperatures. Doing so will prevent the chances of grease leakage that results to rusting and corrosion. 

4. Speed- Remember, the faster the rotation, the hotter the temperature. Therefore, for high speed bearings,    the best grease of choice is the one that has the right components to evenly radiate temperature out of the machinery parts thus resulting to a “cooling effect”.     

5. Grease Compatibility- A good way to prevent cross contamination especially when changing from one grease type to another. Compatibility will determine if two different grease types will physically mix either separately or homogeneously or if combining these can cause a certain chemical reaction. Check the manufacturer’s data sheet or contact your grease supplier for expert advice.

6. NLGI consistency rating- A way to measure the softness or firmness of grease. A higher numbered rating means that it is stiff enough to prevent leakage which may cause premature bearing and mechanical component damage.   

7. Lubrication technology- Top French based grease and bearing manufacturer, NTN-SNR, offers automatic lubricators with accessories that provide continuous regulated greasing even in hard to reach areas. Affordable, durable, and easy to use, these are specially engineered for manpower safety.       

8. Pumpability- An important grease characteristic which enables it to be pumped using lubrication technologies such as automatic lubricator and its accessories.

9. Seek expert advice- Consult your licensed mechanic or your authorized grease distributor for up to date product and service information.

10. Buy only from trusted vendors- To guarantee genuine grease products, contact your trusted supplier near you or purchase directly from credible e-commerce websites such as

Just how much is too much?

As a rule of thumb, 2/3 grease coverage is sufficient for bearing protection.

And yes, inappropriate greasing can damage bearings as well as relative parts to as much as 55% according to NTN-SNR grease experts. In what manner? Check out some examples below.

1. Overapplication of grease:
• Increased operational temperature resulting to insufficient air circulation within the bearing assembly
• Leakage resulting to damaged oil seals and other components

2. Inadequate grease application:
• Contamination of bearing assembly 
• Higher chances of wear and corrosion 

Most importantly, continuous product awareness given to resellers, clients, end-users, and mechanics is the ultimate key for a successful re-greasing and lubrication selection.

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