Dubai RTA announces $160million project to expand smart traffic systems
Nov 19, 2018
The project is aimed at increasing the smart system coverage of Dubai roads from the present 11% to 60%, and it includes construction of a new traffic control centre in Al Barsha, Dubai.
Import, manufacture or use of spare parts in the UAE will require a certificate of conformity from 2019, says ESMA
Nov 13, 2018
The UAE system for the control of vehicle spare parts is aimed at reducing road accidents due to defective or poor parts
Majority of transport companies in Europe, GCC and Asia expect autonomous trucks to become a viable option within the next decade, according to IRU survey
Nov 08, 2018
76% of the 450 transport companies that participated in the survey believe autonomous trucks are just around the corner, but 71% cited cost and investment as the major challenges to adopting new technology
IPAF aims to reduce fatal incidents and promote the use of VR as part of its 2018-2020 strategic plan
Oct 31, 2018
Other focus areas include identifying opportunities to expand with the MEWP industry into new countries to share good practice and creating career paths for people employed in the industry
Best practices of working at height should be driven from the top down
Oct 31, 2018
Improving site safety is as much about educating company management to make the right decisions, select the right equipment, and ensure the correct processes and procedures are in place, as it is to ensure operators are qualified to operate machines, according to Paul Rankin, managing director-Middle East and International, Rapid Access
The safety aspects and efficiency of aerial work platforms are being widely recognised across industry sectors
Oct 31, 2018
David King, group managing director, Manlift, talks about how the company drives product, process and skill development to improve safety and operator competencies

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