Dubai RTA steps up safety awareness efforts to curb traffic congestion in school zones


The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched several awareness events related to the new academic year, targeting both students and motorists. Several measures have been introduced to curb traffic congestions in school zones in Dubai in line with this drive.

Maitha bin Adai, CEO of RTA’s Traffic and Roads Agency, said: “Dubai Traffic Safety Strategy dedicates considerable weight to the mobility of students in terms of improving the safety of pedestrians or diffusing sound traffic culture amongst drivers. Students-oriented awareness efforts at the start of the new academic year are an integral part of the Back-to-School campaign of Ministry of Interior. Awareness and technical teams resumed awareness events in schools, monitoring traffic at school zones and adjusting traffic lights to ease traffic movement in nearby areas. Our traffic safety and awareness experts plan and review the awareness the technical plans on annual basis, which had been very successful in reducing traffic incidents in school zones over the past years.”

Activities include awareness advertisements for drivers across Dubai’s streets and social media in addition to visuals at customers’ happiness centres as well as service centres of support entities. Awareness teams intensified school visits and distributed leaflets to students. School broadcasting systems, lectures and Salama magazine (September issue) will be used to support these efforts. The trial phase of the Smart Safety Bus accomplished last February had raised the traffic awareness of students aged 6 to 14.

“The objective of these events is to maintain schools free from traffic accidents and maintain the eight-year record of zero traffic fatalities within school zones. Events also aim to embed a safe traffic culture amongst the upcoming generations and the community. This drive is in line with the strategic plans aimed to transform students from recipients of knowledge into individuals capable of implementing knowledge,” she added.

The agency had commissioned about 251 surveys at school areas and accordingly carried out several safety measures resulting in the implementation of 849 directional signs, 160 traffic calming devices, and 36 pedestrian crossings.

“We call on school bus drivers and parents commuting their children to schools to comply with traffic regulations and avoid parking in prohibited places or leaving youngsters to cross the road unescorted. Students must not be allowed to alight from the left door of the bus, and have to remain buckled up even during short trips. Global statistics reveal that many accidents take place nearby workplaces or homes of motorists,” said Bin Adai.

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