Continental envisions environment model for automated driving
Detection of the vehicle environment using a combination of cameras, RADARs, LIDARs and cloud-based data can help automated trucks orientate themselves in their surroundings
Bridgestone launches three-in-one digital maintenance solution for fleet managers
Oct 30, 2018
FleetPulse comprises a mobile app, centralised website and tyre pressure monitoring system hardware
Dynapac expands features of Dynalink
Oct 27, 2018
DynaLink is available in three packages: DynaLink Standard, DynaLink Advanced and DynaLink Pro.
Telematics, In Vehicle Monitoring Systems, On Board Computers – How fleet managers can gain full visibility of a fleet with these technologies
Oct 03, 2018
Powerful technology is useless if a fleet manager is unable to comprehend and use the data. Ensuring that a software provider can give easy to read reports on an automatic basis is the only way to ensure improvements in fleet performance is tracked and optimized.
Location tracking is only a part of what telematics can offer to operators of construction equipment and vehicle fleets
Oct 03, 2018
There’s a lot more data that can be acquired to manage the entire operational costs of vehicle or equipment fleets used in construction or logistics, provided they are measured accurately with the appropriate sensors and visualised on a centralised platform to enable faster decision-making. Charles Azrak, regional business development manager, Location Solutions talks to PMV Middle East about the evolution of telematics systems and their applications in the Middle East.
Traton Group upgrades open, cloud-based digital brand RIO
Sep 20, 2018
New services include RIO View and RIO TMS Plug and a mobile version of RIO's applications
Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance partners with Google
Sep 18, 2018
From 2021, vehicles sold by the automotive alliance will utilize Android to provide intelligent infotainment and customer focused-applications

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