Dana and JLG develop electrified axle for aerial work platforms
The Spicer electrified e-axle features an optimized combination of electrified drive components packaged in a configuration that reduces power losses by up to 20% when compared with traditional diesel-powered drivetrains
Dana acquires SME Group to enhance electromobility capabilities and global reach
Jan 17, 2019
Dana's existing portfolio of Spicer Electrified with TM4 motors and inverters combined with SME's low-voltage motors will expand the company's capabilities to applications ranging up to 250kW
Karsan's new midibus features TM4 electric motor and inverter from Dana
Nov 17, 2018
The TM4 Sumo MD is composed of a high-torque, permanent magnet variable reluctance direct drive motor and automotive-grade power electronics
Dana unveils fully integrated electro-mechanical propulsion systems for commercial vehicles
Nov 17, 2018
The Spicer Electrified with TM4 integrated solutions feature gearboxes, electric motors, inverters, and thermal-management technologies

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