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Al Tayer Motors Launches Ford Trucks F-MAX in the UAE
Oct 28, 2019
The F-MAX comes with two year unlimited kilometre warranty and can be serviced at Al Tayer Motors in Dubai and the Northern Emirates as well as Premier Motors in Abu Dhabi.
Saad Saeed Al-Saadi & Sons Contracting Co. acquires 100 Ford Trucks for road construction projects in Saudi Arabia
Apr 29, 2019
The 2019 6x4 models will be employed for the construction of around 1 million kilometers of new roads in the Kingdom
Ford Trucks signs several new deals with construction, logistics and waste management companies in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait
Feb 06, 2019
The current demand for trucks in the construction industry is the highest it has been in the last three years, according to Mustafa Caner Sinanoğlu, managing director, Middle East, Ford Trucks
Ford Trucks launches F-Max tractor at IAA Commercial Vehicles Germany
Sep 23, 2018
The F-Max won the International Truck of the Year award, a competition evaluated by 23 judges from 23 European countries
Business partnership is about easing the burden on customers
May 02, 2018
Mustafa Caner Sinanoglu, managing director-Middle East, Ford Trucks, points out that fleet owners shouldn’t have to worry about trucks when they can focus on their core competencies such as logistics and distribution
Video: Ford Trucks Launches 6x4 Tractor Head Series
Apr 15, 2018
Al Tayer Motors, the official Ford Trucks importer-dealer in the United Arab Emirates, has launched a new 6x4 tractor head series, the 3543T, in the UAE. The 3543T has an automated transmission option and is equipped with 24-inch tyres in response to market requirements

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