Video: How sealants protect tyres and reduce vehicle downtime
Jul 26, 2018
Excessive heat build-up within tyres operating below the right pressure is the biggest cause of tyre failure. The heat increases the tyre's rolling resistance and drag along the road surface which can have an impact on the overall vehicle's fuel consumption over a period of time. Furthermore, punctures and blowouts cause tyre related accidents, which lead to vehicle and equipment downtime. To prevent machines from becoming inactive for repairs due to tyre failures, companies that own massive fleets, such as Bee'ah, use tyre sealants to ensure extended mobility in the event of punctures and reduce overall tyre expenditure.
Magna launches M-Terminal tyre for terminal tractors and trailers
Jul 18, 2018
The M-terminal tyre is available in sizes 280/75R22.5 and 310/80R22.5
Goodyear tackles performance limits of tyres in extreme heat
Jul 04, 2018
The new Kmax Extreme range has been specifically engineered to meet the weather, road, payload and speed requirements in the Middle East
BKT launches Earthmax SR 47 OTR tyre in Middle East
May 08, 2018
The all-steel radial OTR tyre is specifically designed for rigid dump trucks operating in extreme environments
Camso unveils anti-static forklift tyre
Apr 14, 2018
The Solideal PON 775 NMAS press-on tyre has patented anti-static technology, thermally-efficient construction and abrasion-resistant tread compound
Continental launches tyre monitoring system in Middle East
Jan 30, 2018
The ContiPressureCheck system consists of sensors mounted on the tyre inner liner to continuously measure tyre temperature and pressure

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