Video: Goodyear's proactive approach to fleet management

Goodyear’s service portfolio includes Goodyear Proactive Solutions, a suite of data-based solutions featuring advanced telematics and patented predictive technology that provides real-time monitoring of tyres. Mohammad Saghier, director-business product development, Goodyear Middle East and Africa, introduces three services available for Goodyear customers in the MEA region. 1. The Drive-Over-Reader (DOR) uses a ground-mounted sensor to scan the tyre and vehicle parameters when the vehicle drives over the sensor. 2. The tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) uses sensors installed on rims to collect and monitor tyre pressure and temperature data in real time to detect under inflated tyres, air leaks and mechanical issues. 3. The tyre management software enables complete management of tyre inventory, utilisation and replacement.


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