Video: Al Tayer Motors launches the Ford Trucks F-MAX in the UAE

The F-MAX takes its name from Ford’s F Series, and stands out in terms of its size, comfort and durability. The new model offers improved fuel efficiency over previous models and lower total cost of ownership with a seven per cent reduction in maintenance costs and longer service intervals. Unique features of the F-MAX include a 2.5-m-wide cabin and 12.7L Euro 5 Ecotorq engine that produces 500PS, 2500Nm torque and 400 kW braking power. The 2.5m-wide cab of the F-MAX offers drivers the luxury of space and comfort. The design of the cockpit-style dashboard ensures all functions are within easy reach for the driver. The truck has a flat floor providing 2.16m of floor-to-ceiling height and offers a range of storage that is roomy and easily accessible. Airplane-style overbed storage, spacious overhead storage as well as exterior storage areas on both sides of the vehicle are easy to use and maintain. The F-MAX also offers a 90-degree foldable upper bed, an inclined head frame on the lower bed, comfortable and large bed mattresses, and a remote control unit in the bed area for drivers to relax when taking a break. The vehicle’s three-level door opening angle and fully sealed and water/dust-proof step cover enhances accessibility for drivers.


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