Video: UAE competition evaluates safety, speed and efficiency of forklift operators
Sep 16, 2019
The Materials Handling Middle East 2019 Forklift Challenge was held on 3-4 September 2019 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The competition attracted 41 participants from 15 companies including Lulu Centre Logistics, CWT-SML Logistics, DP World, Agility and Global Shipping and Logistics. The forklift operators were judged on three main criteria - safety, speed and efficiency - assessing their ability to safely and efficiently manoeuver forklift machinery in tight and narrow spaces, replicating a warehouse environment.
Video: TVH aims to be the Amazon for material handling equipment parts
Sep 09, 2019
Belgium-based TVH Group is the largest aftermarket supplier of spare parts and accessories for material handling, industrial and agricultural equipment, with an inventory of 775,000 SKUs and the capability to supply 42 million part numbers, including 250,000 SKUs and 4 million part numbers for forklifts. Azfar Imdad, general manager, TVH Middle East, talks about the company's expertise in supplying spare parts and accessories worldwide with short lead times.
Video: Toyota to transform mobility at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
Sep 02, 2019
Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota), worldwide partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, will provide a full line-up of electrified vehicles, including new versions of certain models, and vehicles developed specifically to support the Games. Toyota's three main pillars for Tokyo 2020 centre on (1) mobility for all (2) sustainability, and (3) transportation support using the Toyota Production System (TPS). Toyota will provide around 3,700 vehicles for Tokyo 2020, among which 2,700 vehicles will be part of the official fleet providing transportation support between venues. Nearly 90%, of the official vehicle fleet will be electrified.
Video:  BAUS ETT converts emergency service vehicles according to European standards
Aug 26, 2019
During the past ten years, UAE-based BAUS Emergency Transport Technologies (BAUS ETT) has modified and delivered over 500 emergency service vehicles including ambulances at its factory in Dubai for the GCC markets. The specialist converter boasts clients such as ADNOC, National Ambulance, Burjeel Hospital, and Al Salama Hospital in the UAE and PACDA in Oman. BAUS ETT offers the manufacturing expertise of BAUS AT to customers in the GCC through German engineering with its Poland-based factory being the largest ambulance conversion facility in Europe which delivers customised vehicles to 26 countries. This offering has expanded BAUS ETT’s production capacity and reduced lead time for large orders in the GCC.
Video: Emirates Leisure Retail reduces NOx emissions with Zaeto D-Zel Aid
Aug 19, 2019
For more than a year, UAE-based Emirates Leisure Retail (ELR), a subsidiary of the Emirates Group, has been conducting emission trials on its light-duty delivery trucks using the Zaeto D-Zel Aid diesel additive, as part of its corporate sustainability strategy to reduce both carbon emissions and NOx. D-Zel Aid is concentrated diesel additive which can be added directly into the fuel tank without the need for retrofitting or additional parts. To validate the trials, ELR involved the Automobile and Touring Club of UAE (ATCUAE) as an independent testing authority. Since then ATCUAE has been conducting regular emission tests on ELR trucks running only on diesel and those running on diesel mixed with D-Zel Aid. The initial trials involved 10 trucks ranging from 4.9 to 10 tonnes. This was later reduced to four 4.9 tonne trucks, all Mitsubishi Fuso Canter models with identical specifications, so that all parameters could be monitored thoroughly and compared it with the historical data of the trucks, particularly their fuel consumption during the last seven years. During these trials, ELR saw reductions in CO2 by 50–70%, NOx by 35%, and CO by 8%, as well as improvement in fuel economy by 10-15%.
Video: SEAT uses drones for just in time delivery of parts
Jul 24, 2019
Automobile manufacturer SEAT, in collaboration with logistics company Grupo Sesé, is using drones to transport components from Sesé’s logistics centre in Abrera to the SEAT factory in Martorell, Spain. Drones can cover the 2-km distance between the logistics centre and the SEAT factory in 15 minutes, compared to the 90 minutes taken by trucks. The pilot project is being carried out under the supervision of the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency (AESA) and will go forward in an experimental phase with several flights per day.
Video: World's first JLG AccessReady XR simulator installed at Access Hire Middle East
Jul 15, 2019
UAE-based Access Hire Middle East is the first company in the world to install the JLG VR Simulator for operator training. The JLG AccessReady XR simulator provides virtual reality-based training for operators of all skill levels, with everything from controls familiarization to machine operation and advanced spatial awareness challenges. This type of immersive training optimizes the learning experience while preparing operators to efficiently use the controls and familiarize themselves with boom lift operation. The JLG AccessReady XR package includes a 4-foot JLG 800S platform with controls and footswitch; HTC Vive VR headset with headphones and Leap Motion camera; HTC Vive sensors and tracker; VR-ready PC pre-loaded with JLG AccessReady XR software; keyboard with touchpad and monitor for PC; portable cabinet for housing the PC and VR components; and system setup and operating instructions.

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