Video: Total Cost Of Ownership And The Pain Points Of Fleet Operators In The Middle East
Dec 17, 2018
PMV Middle East brings Tristar Group, Swaidan Trading Company and Goodyear Middle East & Africa together to discuss the pain points of fleet operators in the Middle East and how manufacturers and dealers in the commercial vehicle business are addressing their concerns.
Video: How mortar is mixed, conveyed and placed for finishing applications on construction sites
Nov 05, 2018
Mortar machines are among the most versatile equipment on a construction site. They perform the onsite operations of mixing, conveying and placing mortar for finishing applications on walls and floors. The major applications of these machines include plastering where mortar is mixed, pumped, and sprayed for finishing. This covers floor screeding, where screed material is mixed, conveyed, and applied as a layer between the concrete surface and finishing surface (tiles or wooden flooring); shotcreting, where shotcrete material is sprayed with high pressure on a surface, particularly for slope stabilisation, tunnels, pools, and concrete repairs where mortar is sprayed onto a damaged surface. Other applications include pumping and spraying fire protection mortar on steel structures to extend the fire resistance of steel, processing and spraying glass fibre reinforced concrete, injection of mortar material to fill the voids, and delivering mortar to depths for geothermal drilling.
Video: Hollywood action hero Dolph Lundgren takes Volvo excavators to fitness bootcamp
Oct 25, 2018
Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) has teamed up with Swedish star Dolph Lundgren to showcase the ultimate in excavator endurance in a stunt-filled mini-movie 'Pump It Up'.
Video: Volvo's autonomous waste collection truck
Sep 29, 2018
Volvo Trucks and Swedish waste management company Renova are currently testing and researching how automated vehicles can contribute to safer, more efficient refuse handling and create a better working environment for drivers. The test subject is an autonomous, self-driving Volvo FM truck equipped with GPS and Lidar-based systems for mapping, positioning and scanning of the area around the vehicle.
Video: Steering response customisation and road lane tracking on Volvo Trucks
Sep 02, 2018
Volvo Dynamic Steering with Personal Settings lets drivers fully customise the steering response. Drivers can choose between four preprogrammed steering settings in the truck's Infotainment system or to personally calibrate each setting. Volvo Dynamic Steering with Lane Keeping Assist is designed to support drivers by tracking the road's lane markings. When the system identifies that the truck starts to drift out of its lane, the technology provides a gentle intervention to steer it back.
Video: Concrete operation at Al Ghurair Construction Readymix
Sep 01, 2018
Al Ghurair Construction Readymix has concrete batching plants working round the clock everyday to deliver ready mix concrete on time to construction sites in the UAE. The centralised operation of its three plants in Al Quoz Industrial Area, Dubai, combined with its fleet of over 90 mixer trucks ensure that ready-mix concrete is delivered anywhere in Dubai within one hour, providing sufficient time on sites for pouring of the concrete.
Video: Remote control of Volvo trucks
Aug 08, 2018
Volvo Dynamic Steering with External Steering allows a Volvo truck to be controlled from the outside, freeing the driver to manage other tasks. It removes the need for a second operator and reduces injuries and delays.

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